These are a few of my favourite things !

Woll 28cm Saute Pan

I’ve had a lot of different makes of pan like this ! one costing nearly twice as much ! without doubt this one is the best ! the non-stick is incredible

Global Knives

Japanese steel, super sharp and ground to an acute cutting angle.

I love this brand

mino sharp plus 3

If you have japanese knives your going to need to sharpen them at the correct angle ! This is just magic

Giant tweezers

Forget tongs ! I’ve had these for years and struggle to cook without them. Perfect for the precision turning of chicken, chorizo, tomatoes and everything else

Hand Grater

I use this all the time !

Don’t bother with a garlic crushers as they are a nightmare to clean, get one of these for much better results ! Perfect for ginger as well

I’ve listed some of my favourite ingredients and spices.

I have tried to put some of the unusual items down so you know what to look out for !!

I hope you find this list useful ?